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Harry Potter Fans Get Stuck On Ride

Harry Potter fans didn’t exactly have a magical time when they got stuck on the Forbidden Journey ride at Island of Adventure. More than 130 visitors were on board the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey simulation when it suddenly froze in the middle of the ride. It left many in awkward positions – some even claiming to have been upside down – and stuck for as long as an hour and a half in the dark indoor attraction, according to local reports. The problem occurred after a technical glitch triggered the entire ride to stop. Although rescue crews were seen taking stretchers into the ride, according to Universal Studios none of the guests had to be taken to hospital or even treated at the scene. Universal Studios representative Alyson Lundell said that while there have been times before when the ride has shut down, more than 900,000 people have be through the attraction. ‘If a problem should occur, the ride will shut down. From time to time, that occurs, and we want to make sure everyone is safe.’ The ride was back to normal the next day. For more, see Harry Potter ride shuts down


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