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20 Questions for 20 Years

From the opening of Universal Orlando in 1990.

Twenty years ago this summer, Universal Studios theme park opened its doors in Orlando. Universal Orlando didn’t make a big fuss about the anniversary this year. It was busy launching a little thing called the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and it was probably hoping we’d all forget the early days of the park, which were plagued with dead-in-water attractions and long lines — by 1990 standards. Here’s a 20th anniversary quiz for Universal buffs. Feel free to leave any answers you know in a comment.
1. Name the character on the first distinctive Universal billboard, which caused a traffic jam on Interstate 4.
2. Which celebrity did not attend the grand opening? Michael J. Fox, James Stewart, Sylvester Stallone or Drew Barrymore?
3. True or False: Because some attractions were not working at first, guests who bought a ticket to Universal received a free ticket for a return visit.
4. What was the distinctive shape of the foundation of the original Hard Rock Café (from a bird’s-eye view)?
5. What Ron Howard movie shot at Universal Studios before the theme park opened?
6. In 1990, how much did a cheeseburger cost at Mel’s Drive-In?
7. In 1990, how much did parking cost at Universal?
8. What attraction previously resided in the soundstage that houses Twister?
9. What was the original name of Halloween Horror Nights?
10. Universal started celebrating Mardi Gras in 1996. How many nights was the event that year?
11. Wayne Brady and Joey Fatone performed in what Universal show?
12. What aroma was dominant in Kongfrontation?
13. How many still images of Lucille Ball — including movie posters, slides and paper dolls — are there in the exhibit called Lucy — A Tribute? 25, about 100, almost 250 or 1,950?
14. On the stars of Hollywood Boulevard, which is the first on the street (and the first alphabetically)?
15. What is the name on the theater marquee over the entrance of the Horror Make-Up Show — Pantages, Palace or Palladium?
16. What three creatures lurk above a kiosk outside Classic Monsters Café?
17. In the Disaster attraction, what actor appears as a ghostly image and what character does he play?
18. What amusement park name is now across the front of the old Back to the Future attraction?
19. What is the name of the after-dark show projected onto globes on the park’s lagoon?
20. Which is not a storefront along the streets of Universal Studios — Adrienne’s Pet Shop, the Kitty Kat Club, Walgreen Drug or Jack’s Joke Shoppe?


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