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Universal Follows Disney’s Price Increase

Universal Orlando will raise ticket prices, matching Walt Disney World’s price increase a few days ago. One-day, one-park passes rise $3, from $79 to $82, just like Disney’s. Two-, three- and four-day tickets will increase $5. The “park-to-park” ticket (Universal’s version of the park hopper, for those of you who speak only Disney) prices will increase $3 for the one-day ticket and $5 for the three- and four-day tickets. The two-day, park-to-park ticket will remain at $144.99. This price increase goes into effect August 7th, so if you are going to Universal soon, buy your tickets today, unless you want to spend an extra $3, which isn’t too bad.


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One thought on “Universal Follows Disney’s Price Increase

  1. Disney is lucky that they’re doing this during the summer, ever since the upstart of this years firework battles between Disney characters, people are not really noticing the upcharge… besides, why would you go at full price anyways? discount tickets and packages do exist…

    Matter in fact – since I’m buying tickets for my Uncle’s B-Day, I’m ordering in advance and by the package, its only going to be 32 dollars per person… (7 people)

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