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Woman Sues Disney, Says Pervy Donald Duck Molested Her

A Pennsylvania mom is suing Walt Disney World, claiming an actor dressed as Donald Duck copped a feel when she asked for an autograph for her kids.
April Magolon, 27, of Upper Darby, Pa., said she approached the iconic duck while at Epcot in May 2008, and the actor inside the feathery suit got happy with her. “Donald Duck proceeded to grab [her] breast and molest her and then made gestures making a joke indicating he had done something wrong,” said the suit, which was filed in federal court. Magolon says she suffered “severe physical injury” as result and has been plagued with anxiety, headaches, nightmares, digestive problems and cold sweats. She is demanding more than $50,000 in damages. Donald Duck could not be reached for comment, but a spokesman for Walt Disney World said the amusement park “will respond appropriately in court.” The suit claims that the local sheriff’s office had fielded 24 complaints of similar alleged sex acts by costumed characters since 2004. A spokesman for the sheriff couldn’t confirm the claim but did say Magolon never filed a complaint. In 2004, a man dressed as Tigger was arrested on charges he groped a 13-year-old girl and her mom. He was later acquitted after wearing the costume in court to show how little can be felt through its mitts.


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2 thoughts on “Woman Sues Disney, Says Pervy Donald Duck Molested Her

  1. Donald will never be the same again 😛

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