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Universal Studios Florida Review

Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida is a great park all in all. It has a great mix of thrill rides, gentler rides for kids, play areas for toddlers, and roller coasters. The 3 main rides in Universal are The Simpson’s Ride, Men In Black: Alien Attack, and Revenge of the Mummy. These rides are definitely worth seeing, and cam get pretty crowded later in the day. The Simpson’s Ride is a simulator attraction that takes you flying through Krustyland, a theme park based on the goofy clown from the animated series. The ride can be thrilling at parts, so kids may want to skip this attraction. Men In Black: Alien Attack is a dark ride through the streets of New York, where you are given a blaster that you shoot the aliens with. Nothing is too thrilling about this ride except sudden spins that aren’t expected. Revenge of the Mummy is an indoor roller coaster with all kinds of special effects. I haven’t been on this ride, so I have no idea what it is about or what might scare people. Some other rides that aren’t as popular are as follows: Terminator 2-3D, a 3D show featuring Arnold. Nothing is too bad in this film except some action sequences that can get pretty loud and some smoke and other special effects..and, of course, the 3D effects. Jaws is a simulated tour of Amity where you encounter the old Great White (I guess he can’t die!). Anywho, the ride isn’t too thrilling, considering the anamatronic shark isn’t too scary except to younger kids. Some effects, like fire and the boathouse effects, might scare younger kids. Disaster is a mix between a show where you learn how some movie effects work, and a subway ride during an earthquake. The movie effects part is not bad at all, but the subway effects might scare kids. The scary parts: fire, a simulated flood, and a tanker that almost hits the train. E.T. Adventure is a dark ride that takes you to the little alien’s home planet. nothing is too bad in this ride except one part where police cars come out of nowhere and startle you. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is, of course, a roller coaster, so I skipped it. Shrek 4D was also skipped because of very long lines during the day. It is your typical 4D show, thrilling effects, plus the 3D stuff. USF is one of my favorite parks, and it is definitely worth visiting if you love movies.


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