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Ferrari World Set To Open

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest indoor theme park, is set to open October 27, a day earlier than expected, officials say. The brand new attraction is the first park themed on the famed racing cars and includes the world’s fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa, with top speeds of up to 150 mph, among its 20 Ferrari-inspired thrill rides, simulators and family-friendly attractions. All are located under a 2,200,000-square-foot red roof, modeled after the side profile of a Ferrari GT. Officials in the United Arab Emirates say the opening will be a “historic day,” and guests will be able to experience for the first time the park’s wide variety of rides and attractions, special festivities, shows and souvenirs. “This will be the beginning of an exciting Inaugural Period, with the start of operations at the world’s first Ferrari theme park,” says Claus Frimand, general manager of the theme park. “The Inaugural Period will continue throughout November, leading up to a Grand Opening in December with the official launch of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.” In addition to Formula Rossa, the park boasts the region’s first dueling roller coaster, Fiorano GT Challenge, and a 4-D experience inside Speed of Magic. During the Inaugural Period, families and racing fans will be able “to experience the legendary Ferrari passion, history and culture” through offerings that also include unique shopping and dining experiences with an Italian flavor, officials say. Ticket prices include unlimited use of rides and attractions and will range from about $61 to $102 for adults (anyone taller than 4 feet 11 inches). Children’s prices are about $45 to $74. The higher priced tickets come with priority on all attractions (you get to cut lines) and include access to an exclusive lounge with refreshments, as well as other benefits.The park will be operating on a six-day a week schedule from Tuesday to Sunday, opening each day at noon. Nearly three years since the first stone was laid, Frimand says an operations team of nearly 850 dedicated staff is currently conducting “comprehensive ride testing,” and working around-the-clock to get the park ready for the public opening date. “We are on schedule to open the park with a wide selection of rides and attractions. We have managed to turn one of the world’s most exclusive brands into an extraordinary experience which families and fans will come back for time and time again.” Among the other attractions are Made in Maranello, a virtual trip through the famous Ferrari factory in Italy; V12, a flume ride through the heart of a 12-cylinder engine; and G-Force, a tower ride that shoots thrill-seekers through the red roof and 203 feet in the air before plummeting back to Earth (experiencing the actual G-force of a Ferrari, in a seat directly inspired by the Ferrari Enzo). Among kid-friendly attractions, Junior GT lets kids drive reduced scale F430 GT Spiders and Carousel features never-before-seen Ferrari prototypes based on winning designs from a Ferrari competition.


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