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“Despicable Me” Attraction Replacing Jimmy Neutron, Spider-Man Getting HD Updates

Yesterday morning, via a special media-only webcast, Universal Orlando informed us, after weeks of dropping hints online, that the Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast attraction at Universal Studios Florida will indeed be replaced by a new attraction based on the film “Despicable Me.”

From the moment Universal first announced that the Jimmy Neutron attraction will be permanently closing on August 18, rumors quickly surfaced that a “Despicable Me” themed attraction would be taking its place. Now it has been confirmed to open in 2012.

The new “Despicable Me” attraction will feature a 3D film that brings Gru and his daughters on another adventure with guests seeing familiar scenes from the movie, with a sequel to the film on the way to theaters. Guests will be transformed into Minions as part of the attraction and ultimately join in an interactive Minion Dance Party for its finale.

“The Despicable Me attraction will be located where [Jimmy Neutron] once was, but it will be a completely different experience for guests using all-new technology. […] there’s definitely more to come!” according to Universal.

In the same webcast, Universal Orlando also announced that the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is receiving 4K digital upgrades to replace the film projections used in the ride since it opened.The upgrades to Spider-Man will also be completed in 2012.


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