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Harry Potter Coming to Universal Florida and Hollywood

According to a December blog post from Theme Park Insider, Universal Studios Florida has drawn up plans for another Harry Potter land, this time in Universal Orlando.

The plans showed a Diagon Alley land overtaking the land that the “Jaws” ride, closed last month, previously held. the land is set to include one major attraction, a Gringotts roller coaster, and one unidentifiable attraction, rumored to be a Hogwarts Express train that takes guests from Universal Studios Florida to Islands of Adventure. There is also a rumored Leaky Cauldron restaurant that provides access to enter the land. One last attraction planned is some sort of walkthrough attraction, possibly similar to Island’s of Adventures’ “Ollivanders” show.

The Gringotts coaster is planned to be a 3D hybrid motion base and roller coaster, much like The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, or Transformers: The Ride. The ride vehicles are Victorian style, with 12 seats and Dolby sound speakers in each car.

The ride is set to use screens, physical scenery, and special effects (like heat and water), as well as traditional roller coaster elements.

Also related to The Boy Wizard in theme parks, Harry Potter is in fact coming to Universal Hollywood. No details have been announced,other than Hogwarts Castle being the centerpiece.


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